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Maximize Visibility with PR & Marketing - 7/15/14
The good news about social marketing is how fast a message can be delivered into a mobile device, PC, or laptop.  This has turned media planning upside down due to its immediacy and ability for marketers to change course in a matter of minutes. continued in Strategy

Successful Agency Account Leadership - 6/30/14
leadershipDuring my tenure leading agency teams and providing client support I have learned some key principles that drive long-term successful client partnership.  These include principles that go beyond strategy, creative, media planning, etc. 
continued in Agency

Breaking Through the Noise5/12/14
noise In his 1952 piece titled 4’33” (pronounced  “Four minutes, Thirty-Three  Seconds,”) American composer John  Cage premiered a song  based on  uninterrupted silence. His goal was to engage  an audience in a group experience by  illustrating there was no such thing as  silence.  By having a pianist sit behind the keys, not playing a note, the growing void slowly revealed the environment of sound in which we actually exist. As Cage said, “What they thought was silence, because they didn’t know how to listen, was full of accidental sounds.” continued in Brand Management

Blog Update - Hilton does it right - 04/10/14
I recently stayed at the Hilton Fashion District in Manhattan and received a surprise knock at my door.  It was the front desk manager with a bouquet of flowers for my room.  What did I do to receive such an honored welcome? Nothing really….accept, come back after a long absence.  Yes, in years past I frequently used that hotel as home base for business travel but it had been months since I been there.

Marketing Mix Modeling - 9/17/13
The biggest challenge I see facing the modern day CMO is the incessant knocking at their doors by the CEO to cut budget and maximize dollars. In other words, spend less…get the same results.  In the world of multichannel marketing this can create a tremendous challenge.  For instance, when pulling out the butcher knife, what chop will yield the least damaging result?  In addition, the CMO has countless brand marketers, procurement personnel, and vendors creating a long cue in front of their offices.  Each of them making a case to retain their own budget. continued in Strategy

The Power of the Pen – 9/13/13
Think you know how to maximize the various social marketing platforms and techniques?  Think you know how to build relationships, repeat customers, and get a customer for life?  Maybe you do…but consider this: prior to just about 20 years ago much of what we take for granted today did not exist.  Direct mail ruled the day and bulk rate was the chosen method of transportation.  And just like today, it was proven over and over that personalized messages make people stand up and take noticecontinued in Strategy

Blog Update - Niche marketing cuts through the clutter - 09/10/13
In his article published on convinceandconverted.com, marketer Andrew Davis emphasizes the importance of laser targeting your audience with niche information.  Not just commodity content, but usable, real life information to meet the passions of your followers, potential customers, and current customers. Commodity content is filler…niche content is where loyalty is built.  The hard part, of course, is identifying those passionate people and knowing what niche information will keep them coming back for more.  His informative article titled How to Win at Content by Targeting a Niche can be found here.

Blog Update - Hilton does it wrong - 09/04/13
Frequent travelers, like myself, really get picky when it comes to the hotels they stay in.  There are lot’s of choices.  During a recent stay at a Doubletree, I had an experience that emphasized that loyalty marketing is more than outbound communications and building points.  It’s also about something often overlooked…the actual stay itself.

Creating a “Patient Journey” - 9/02/13
Big pharma marketers typically focus on understanding the “patient journey” in order to create effective adherence strategies. But where does the patient journey actually begin?  continued in Strategy

The Shifting Tide of Patient Relationships - 9/02/13
Pharmaceutical companies have one goal when it comes to the patient – ownership.  In order to fully realize profits, the brand marketer’s goal is to influence the patient experience, shape it and feed it.   Their plan is complete stewardship of the patient to maximize adherence and brand loyalty.  In essence, the perspective of the brand marketer is that the patient is theirs. continued in Social Media

Amazon the Omnipotent - 9/01/13
Amazon is not a company, nor is it a collection of employees run by a board of directors.  Amazon is a living being, kind of like some omnipotent character from a Star Trek episode who knows all, sees all, and can do all.  But unlike Star Trek, where the character wants to take over the world and needs to be stopped, I WANT Amazon to take over the world.  Amazon has created an entity as ubiquitous and life supporting as the air we breathe.  As far as customer experiences go, Amazon does it the right way.  It truly is a marriage out of convenience.  And, boy is it convenient. continued in Brand Management

Blog Update - The Dystopian View of Social Networking - 08/30/13

If someone uses “dystopian” in a sentence it’s pretty impressive.  When someone uses it in the title of an article, it’s downright grandstanding.   But, having said that, I have to say that John Brandon’s article in Inc. brings up some good points about how much is enough.

Blog Update - 2013 Predictions…I Guess It Can’t Hurt - 01/04/13

Making predictions for any field is a crap shoot, especially the never ending and evolving space of social media.  Who would have thought the Facebook IPO would turn into such a mess?  And, ever hear of the Nexus Q?  Neither have I!

Blog Update – Good bye high definition…and social media - 11/06/12

One day, high definition TV will disappear.  There will be so many high definition stations and so many high definition TV sets that all of a sudden, the “high definition” will be dropped and we will just have “TV.”  The same can be said about the future of social media.

Adherence Resources for the Pharma Brand Marketer - 10/17/12


Sometimes, the tax payer dollar can benefit both   the consumer and big business…or in this case, big pharma. A recent Google search uncovered some interesting adherence  and persistence materials culled from state and federal  funded health agencies. continued in Strategy

Blog Update - Little Things Build Brand Loyalty - 10/03/12

Twitter and Cadence - 9/25/12
If you’re like me, the number of people you follow on Twitter has grown, and grown, and grown.  And, if you are really like me, you keep saying you will create categories, and lists, in order to more easily find the content you are looking for.  But…who are we kidding? continued in Social 

Blog UpdateIncreasing Engagement - 10/19/12


Blog UpdateThe Future of Marketing is not Agency Based…It’s all about Motivating the Consumer to Advertise on your Behalf - 9/24/12

Blog UpdateTrust Me, You Can’t Trust Anyone - 9/11/12

Maximize Your Agency Relationship & Strategic Thinking - 9/11/12
As brand marketers work with their agency, it seems like every other day there’s a proposal to “test drive” a new social media avenue vying for attention from the already inundated consumer.  continued in Brand Management

Blog Update - The ‘Super Glue’ of Medical Blogs, 9/01/12

Blog Update - 150 Writing Resources to Reinforce Marketing Plans, 8/28/12 

Blog Update - Being Funny May Increase Sales, 8/26/12

Blog Update - Instagram, Advertising in the Hands of the Consumer, 8/24/12

Got a Great Idea? Now Validate it with Data - 8/22/12
While there are many inspirational stories about successful brand marketers who got their ideas from hunches, premonitions, and dreams, the best business decision is the one that has the data to back it up.  continued in Strategy

Blog Update -Pinterest, What is it and Why Should We Care?, 8/15/12

Blog Update - One Immutable Law of Nature, 23 Year Olds Should Not Run Your Social Media, 8/10/12

Blog Update - Instagram at the Olympics, 8/10/12

Blog Update - Wearable Technology is on It’s Way, Google Smart Glasses & Apple’s Smart Watches, 8/09/12 

Brand Web Sites and Loyalty - 7/27/12
A consumer becomes a patient by the simple act of a doctor writing a script and then by taking a short drive to the pharmacy.  So how does a consumer become a brand advocate?  continued in Strategy

Blog Update - No Free Lunches, Now that Twitter is Being Monetized, Foursquare is on its Way, 7/25/12

The Monetization of Twitter - 7/9/12
According to a recent study by Pew Internet titled, “Twitter Use 2012″ it seems that Twitter users have been growing at a steady pace.  Since May 2011, the proportion of online adults who use Twitter on a typical day has doubled and has quadrupled since late 2010.  continued in Social

The Call Center – Where Social Media is Human 6/24/12
The irony of social media is the lack of real, meaningful social interaction.  Nobody really speaks to or sees each other. Therefore, it is important to remember that the only direct interaction your hospital or brand has with a consumer is through your call center.  continued in Social

Privacy Management on Social Media Sites - 6/19/12
According to a study by the Pew Research Center, social network users are becoming more active in managing their accounts.  This includes ‘unfriending’ on Facebook, deleting comments made by others on their profile, and further refining privacy settings.  continued in Social

For a Doc, Social Media Can Kill a Career - 6/06/12
Upon Graduating from Medical School, Physicans are faced with many decisions.  One important area of focus must be how to conduct oneself online.  As young doctors segue from the anonymity of school into the more public forum of providing healthcare, they need to realize their online trail will be scrutinized. continued in Social

Social Media & Physicians – Scenarios To Consider - 5/25/12
Doctors and privacy go hand in hand.  Patients understand that what is said within the walls of the physicians office is confidential.  continued in Social

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